Join IAS at the Cannes Lions Festival this year as we host a curated lineup of educational panels, intimate meetings, and networking opportunities designed to bring together visionary minds from the digital media landscape.

Are we on your calendar? Dive into our panels with industry innovators, schedule a meeting with the IAS and Publica executive team to explore collaborative opportunities, or join our curated events for an evening of impactful networking.

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Attendance is not guaranteed until confirmed by IAS and admittance may be impacted by yacht capacity limits.

4:30 - 5:30 PM CEST | Sonishi Yacht

She Runs It & IAS Panel

Lift As You Climb
The World Economic Forum estimates that it will take 169 years to close the global gender gap in economic participation and opportunity, but several influential leaders are determined to shorten that distance – significantly. In this conversation hosted by Integral Ad Science in partnership with She Runs It, a panel of courageous leaders will discuss the actions necessary to pursue change and achieve equity for women in marketing, media, and tech. Learn how equal doses of inspiration and perspiration can lead to positive change.
  • Lynn Branigan CEO
    She Runs It
  • Lisa Utzschneider CEO
  • Joy Robins Global Chief Advertising Officer
    The New York Times
  • Najoh Tita-Reid Global Brand & Experience Officer
    Mars Petcare
  • Eugenia Zalis Global OREO Brand Vice President
5:30 - 7:30 PM CEST | Sonishi Yacht

Clear Waters, Clear Connections Happy Hour

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CEST | Infillion Cafe at the Mondrian

Beet.TV Global Leadership Summit: Data & Measurement

Fireside Chat
Safeguard Your Brand in the Era of AI-Powered Misinformation
11:10 -11:25 AM CEST

One of the most critical media quality challenges facing advertisers today is the rampant spread of misinformation, especially as AI-powered deepfakes target a global election year, with voters in 60 countries heading to the polls. While misinformation in media is nothing new, Gen-AI and user-generated content has taken it to a whole new level, endangering brands’ ability to effectively reach consumers across social media and the open web. Join Lisa Utzschneider, CEO of IAS on how best to navigate the rise of misinformation, protect your brand, and continue to scale throughout this election season and beyond.
  • Jon Watts Managing Director
  • Lisa Utzschneider CEO
It’s All About the Context: Leveraging AI to Reduce Brand Risk and Maximize Brand Equity
11:25 AM - 12:00 PM CEST

Brand safety and suitability is essential in today’s advertising climate as consumers increasingly hold advertisers’ feet to the fire for ad placements adjacent to inappropriate content. Making matters worse, the result of misplaced ads may lead to lower levels of brand favorability and trust, which in turn can severely hurt a brand’s reputation. Hear from leading media and marketing executives on leveraging AI to ensure brand safety and suitability across CTV, social, the open web, and emerging media.
  • Jon Watts Managing Director
  • Craig Ziegler SVP, Product Management
  • Ty Ahmad-Taylor VP Product Growth
  • Maria-Angela Sanzone Executive Director, Head of Paid Social
    JPMorgan Chase & Co.
2:30 - 3:30 PM CEST l Sonishi Yacht

A Conversation on Brand Safety and Suitability

5:00 PM - 7:00 PM CEST | Palais Terrace

Givsly Karaoke for Causes in Cannes

11:00 AM - 12:30 PM CEST | Sonishi Yacht

The New Advertising Paradigm Panel

Between surges in risky content, the rise of AI, and brands vying for consumers’ attention, advertisers need one thing: answers. In this session, we'll kick off with a fireside chat on combating misinformation with Craig Ziegler (SVP, Product, IAS) and Clément Bascoulergue (Country Manager, IAS), followed by a panel discussion with Caroline Hugonenc (SVP, Research & Insight, Teads), Mike Follet (CEO, Lumen), and Seb Larre (Global Head of Digital, Publicis Media) to discuss what’s next for attention.
  • Clement Bascoulergue Country Manager
  • Benoit Morelli VP Product Management
  • Caroline Hugonenc SVP Research & Insight
  • Mike Follet CEO
  • Seb Larre Global Head of Digital
    Publicis Media
11:55 AM - 12:30 PM CEST l Armani Caffé

Brand Innovators: Women in Marketing Leadership Forum

4:00 - 4:30 PM CEST l Hotel Martinez

Balancing Open Web, Social Platforms, and Premium Publishers

5:30 - 7:30 PM CEST | Sonishi Yacht

Clarté Sur Mer: A Leadership Soirée

6:30 – 8:30 PM CEST | Sonishi Yacht

A Farewell Fête

Let’s bid adieu to Cannes Lions 2024! Whether you are a Cannes Lions veteran or this was your maiden voyage, at this private dinner, we’ll toast to future collaborations.
*Please note this dinner is invite only.
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The IAS Leadership Team at Cannes

Craig Ziegler

SVP, Product Management

Jim Egan

SVP, Business Development

Liz Schiff

SVP, Global Agency Development

Csaba Szabo

Managing Director, EMEA

Parker Bohlen

SVP, Optimization Sales

James Wilhite

VP, Product, Publica

Benoit Morelli

VP Product Management, IAS

Clément Bascoulergue

Country Manager, France

Kyle Spraker

VP, Client Strategy

Emma Jowett

Regional VP, Sales EMEA

Paul Nasse

Regional VP, Agency Development

Elliott Goldman

Senior Director, Business Development

Zvi Lantsberg

Senior Director, Business Development

Michael Olaye

Director, Business Development

Jason Higgins

Head of Americas, Publica

Gabrielle Trovato

VP, Integrated Marketing

Jaime Levitt Corry

VP, Global Communications

Sylvia Lubera

Director Marketing and Events

Ashley Powys

Senior Marketing Project Manager

Olivia Binke

Senior Customer Success Manager

Alysha Dino

Sr Director, Global Business Development, Publica

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Connect with Publica at Cannes

We’re delighted to announce that our Publica leadership team will be present on the IAS Sonishi yacht all week long during Cannes. Schedule a meeting to learn how Publica can fuel your CTV advertising revenue.